Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Introducing Cicada Killer Wasp  
Cicada Killer Wasp male and female is somewhat similar in appearance and differs only in its ability to sting. Male Wasp cannot sting but very aggressive and protective. On the other hand female Cicada Killer Wasp is less aggressive but can sting when disturbed. In any event, it’s best to avoid this insect especially children since consequence of Wasp sting can be harmful to this age group more than adults.

Cicada Killer Wasps appear in the middle of summer at a time when Cicadas are fully developed and can be attacked. Cicada Killer spends its life underground as larvae most of the year. It’s also interesting to note that Killer Wasps live underground by making tiny holes in the send. They prefer sandy, drained soil that is exposed to direct sun light. These holes may be identified by U-shaped dirt that is positioned close to the hole and is result of wasp through out of sands during nest construction. In contrary to regular wasps, Cicada Killer Wasps live solitary life and only pair during mating season, so you want fined big wasp nests like you do with regular wasps.

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